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If you are in a situation involving accusations of domestic violence or child abuse, don't hesitate to call us. James R. Murphy will help you if you are being accused of violence, or if you are the target of violent behavior.

If you have been accused of domestic abuse or violence, you need urgent help to avoid further legal problems.

Domestic abuse disputes are physically and emotionally taxing, as well as hard on families. To get the case dealt in a professional and urgent manner, contact us for help. We will handle your case with care and give you a plan of action to defend your rights.

If you are the subject of violence or abuse, speak out and put a stop to it.  We will defend your rights and bring justice to the matter.

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• Cyberstalking or stalking

• Current or former spousal abuse

• Child abuse

• Financial abuse

• Restraining orders

• Removed from your home

• Physical or emotional abuse

• Loss of custody

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