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Legal defense in tough situations

We will develop a strategic plan of action when taking on your criminal case.

Don't get nervous or confused about your legal case. Law Office of James R. Murphy will work hard to keep you from behind bars.

Law Office of James R. Murphy understands how sensitive drug and alcohol charges can be. Let us represent you and defend your rights.

A solution for you to keep your freedom

Our firm will keep your future bright

An assertive approach to ease your nerves

We will stand by your side throughout your case and give you the best plan of action depending upon the situation. If you have charges involving robbery, drugs, or conspiracy attempts, we will stand behind you. You can trust our professional and plausible legal counsel.

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• Burglary

• Theft and theft by conversion

• Robbery

• Armed robbery

• Drug trafficking

• Possession

• Possession with intent to deliver

• Manufacturing and illegal possession and sale of drugs

• All criminal conspiracy charges

• Conspiracy to murder

• Conspiracy to defraud

• Drug conspiracy

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